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An Audience of Corpses

Apprentice P.I. Jack Hornby had only just buried his friend and mentor, stricken with grief and contemplating his future. Sitting alone in the office they once shared, he is accosted by an eccentric woman in desperate need of help. Reluctantly, he agrees. But a case of suspected infidelity turns out to be so much more when his target winds up dead in the middle of a grisly scene.

Jack finds himself pitted against his old nemesis- now a highly decorated police investigator- in a bid to uncover the truth behind what really happened in that seedy hotel room, and just how the victim was sighted walking down the street shortly after his death. In a case where nothing makes sense and no one is what the seem, Jack's only ally is his old mentor's peculiar yet alluring niece, the former secretary from the now-defunct detective agency.

Elyse Redacted

Elyse has every woman's dream job: International Superspy. But her job isn't all vodka martinis and fast cars. From swanky parties to dirty factories, Elyse's attempts to discover the dangerous connection between an international pharmaceutical company, an American tech genius, a Chinese warehouse and an Australian politician will take her all over the world in a dangerous quest that could cost her her life.

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